Heritage Week 2018 – Writing Competition

Heritage Week Writing Competition



You’re a Burren enthusiast? You like playing with words, styles and rhythms? You want to share your passion for writing or simply tell us about a great Burren experience?

This competition is for you!

As part of this year’s Heritage Week theme “Share a Story, Make a Connection”, we’d love to read your story!



How to enter the competition

  • Write a story about/taking place in the Burren. All genres are accepted (autobiographic, romance, adventure, nature observation, humorous, thriller, etc…). The link with the Burren should be clear in your text but does not have to be central.
  • The text should have a title and not exceed two pages. It should be published on a document featuring the underlined title (Times New Roman, 14) and the body structure (Times New Roman, 12, simple spacing).
  • Rename your document (Word or PDF) with the title of your text and the title only. For example “Burren Stories.doc” or “Burren Stories.pdf”. No names should be written on the document or document title so the competition remains anonymous and fair for everyone.
  • Submit your text via email at burrennationalpark@housing.gov.ie before Sunday 26th August at 17.00. Attach your document to the email and write the full name of the writer in the email text ONLY.
  • One submission per person.
  • Participants must be over 18.
  • Don’t forget to show originality and passion for our beloved Burren!!



The winner will be designated by a panel of three Burren lovers: us, Burren National Park guides!

First prize is a book about the Burren and the publication of the story on our website and Facebook pages. Results are to be announced on Friday 31st August…


We look forward to reading your Burren Stories! Good luck to everyone!