Sunday 26th August – 14.00 – Burren Stories: A Roam through time…

National Heritage Week 2018

How did the Burren limestone form and what is a glacio-karst landscape? Who was St. Colmán MacDuagh and what are the stories behind his hermitage? Why are wildflowers growing in such profusion here? What animals may be glimpsed in the woods?

Answer all these questions (and many more!) by joining National Park guides and local experts for a free travel through time! This guided walk will take place in the uniquely beautiful wooded surrounds of Slieve Carran Nature Reserve. Be taken aback 360 million years ago, before the time of the dinosaurs. Hear tells of the myths, legends and folklore of the region. Be enchanted by the lunar landscape and the dramatic Eagle’s Rock.

This event starts at 14.00 from Slieve Carran Nature Reserve and should last approximately 2 hours.

Booking required at or 065 682 7693.